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cannot access

Hello Chris,

I am having an error showing up when I try to access my textbook (courseware) through the link provided in the email with the 3 step instructions. I have downloaded the software (Adobe Digital Ed) but when I try the final 3rd step of downloading the etext, it indicates "error! check activation"

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Thanks for connecting with us today!

Did you complete "Step 2" to activate the software?  Here are the instructions for "Step 2":

Step 2: Activate Software

Once you've installed the software, you will need to activate it using your username ( and password that you created during your online order or redemption. For Windows and Mac users: be sure to choose "Campus eBookstore" as the eBook Vendor. (iPhone, iPad, and Android users do not need to select an eBook vendor.)

If you've already activated the software, then the best thing to do is deauthorize the software, then reauthorize again with your username and password. You can deauthorize by pressing CTRL-SHIFT-D on the Library screen  (CMD-SHIFT-D on Mac). Then, reauthorize by clicking Help -> Authorize Computer.

Please let us know if this solves the problem!


Technical Support

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